Our inner key

Rosina Bruckner Psychologische Beratung


Some call it intuition, others gut feeling, and for some it is their soul. They all mean the same: a soft inner voice that always knows best what is good for us. You may also call it some sort of inner key or universal knowledge that opens up all inner doors. What a treasure!


However, there are numerous reasons that may hinder us from taking a next step and from actually unlocking an inner door we are supposed to open. Perhaps we are afraid of subsequent changes or experience an inexplicable sensation of uncertainty. We may also be lacking belief in ourselves or simply be overwhelmed by the many roles in life we think we have to fulfil 100%.


This is when professional counselling can become a very important and useful tool for us. It enables us to pause and look inward where we can re-connect with our soft inner voice. From a totally new angle we are able to explore topics we may have turned over in our mind again and again without ever coming to any satisfying solution. And I know all too well what I’m talking about…


Unconditional acceptance, selective questioning and individually tailored methods are the basis of each session and allow a quick relief or even solution to a problem in a short time. You are again able to gain control of your own life.


I remember one session with my own counsellor where I was analysing a problem that had burdened me for 17 years. It practically disappeared into thin air. It still feels like a miracle!


You have got the key in your hand!