Life balance

Rosina Bruckner Psychologische Beratung





For years, the press has been filled with a concept called work-life balance. And yet, it sounds as if work and life were two opposing poles. Work starts where life ends and vice versa…

I prefer to talk about a life balance where our work is as much part of a fulfilled life as our family, friends and recreation are.

This is where stress management and burnout prevention come into play. A certain amount of stress

can be quite stimulating. Permanent stress, however,

has a destructive effect on our body and mind as has clearly been demonstrated in countless studies. We need to get out of the rat race before it’s too late and understand the signs of our body before we actually need a doctor.


Today, also many companies focus on prevention recognising the potential of a happy staff. A good work climate nurtures both the well-being of ALL people involved and the company’s success as a whole.

Offer for freelancers:

Freelancers insured with the SVS are entitled to a yearly refund of Euro 100 "Gesundheitshunderter"

My topics are: stressmanagement, burnout prevention, work-life-balance, etc.


Let us - again - find balance in our lives!