For most of us working or studying abroad sounds like an exciting adventure full of freedom and the great opportunity to expand our horizons. Some are sent by their companies, others decide to study at a foreign university and some try to press a reset button when going abroad for a few years or even longer. They all are embraced in the term expats (short for expatriates) today.



Living abroad for a few years can be a truly rewarding experience for oneself and one’s family. But leading an international life can also be quite demanding and challenging. And what’s worse we can’t rely on resources like our family and dear friends back home….. Having lived abroad for many years myself I know what this is all about.



It is therefore quite natural that - at times - we feel anxious, lost or totally overwhelmed. Counselling - especially in one's mother tongue - offers immediate relief and the possibility to find lasting solutions or better ways to cope with situations that can’t be changed.


And all in a few sessions only!